Pulpotomy – “Baby Root Canals” for Children

smiling young girl sitting in dental chairPediatric Pulpotomies are often referred to as a “nerve treatment”, “children’s root canal”, “pulpectomy”, or “pulp therapy”.

A pulpotomy procedure is needed when decay in the tooth reaches the pulp tissue inside the tooth. This procedure is done to keep the tooth alive by removing the infection.

During the procedure, the diseased pulp is removed and then a preventative agent is placed to stop bacterial growth and to calm the remaining nerve tissue. This is followed by a final restoration, which is usually a crown.

The two main reasons a pulpotomy is needed are from dental cavities and traumatic injury.

Is your child experiencing tooth pain or have tooth decay?

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What is a pulpotomy procedure?

Often called a “mini” or “baby root canal”, a therapeutic pulpotomy is the process of removing decayed tissue from the pulp chamber of the tooth (the upper part that lies above the gum line) and filling it with a medicated material (“medicament”) to halt further decay. A crown is then placed on top to keep the tooth happy and healthy and also to allow for normal chewing.

Why does my child need a baby root canal?

The purpose of a pulpotomy is to keep the tooth alive by removing the upper damaged pulp tissue while leaving the lower “roots” intact. It is a very effective treatment because the blood supply to primary teeth is better than that of permanent teeth, and also because the treatment only needs to last a few years until the permanent teeth come in.

Pulpotomy or pulpectomy: What’s the difference?

A pulpotomy removes the tissue from the upper chamber, while a pulpectomy (true “root canal therapy”) removes the pulp from all parts of the tooth, including the root canals. A pulpectomy is the typical “root canal” treatment that adults often have.

How long does pulpotomy take?

The procedure typically takes less than an hour.

Does pulp therapy hurt?

No – anesthesia will keep the area numb and your child pain-free while we work on the tooth, and for sometime after. We will give you instructions for at-home medication if needed, however, most children do very well without any further medication and bounce back to their normal selves almost immediately.

Will my child be awake for the treatment?

Most children can be awake and alert for the treatment. We will discuss anesthesia options with you prior to the appointment and can adjust as needed before and even during the procedure itself.

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