Interceptive Orthodontics – Early Phase Braces

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What is interceptive orthodontic treatment?

For some children, interceptive orthodontics, also known as “early orthodontic treatment” can be very beneficial. In these children, serious malocclusions (bite problems) have presented, and by treating them as they occur with early phase braces, retainers, and other devices, we are able to help the child avoid bigger challenges down the road.

Young Mouths form Better Smiles

Because the young mouth includes both permanent and baby teeth, and because the jawbone is still soft, treatment at an earlier age is recommended for some types of overcrowding and skeletal problems.

What are the Benefits of Interceptive Orthodontics?

Children should first be screened for orthodontic issues at age 7. Not every child is in need of (or is a good candidate for) early phase braces, however, a few can benefit greatly from the practice. Please see below a few advantages of Interceptive Orthodontics:

  • Reduces treatment time in the teen years
  • Reduces the need for extractions
  • Creates facial symmetry
  • Improves self-esteem
  • Allows space for permanent teeth
  • Expands the palate to a proper size
  • Guides jawbone growth

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