Why we take x-rays

During a standard exam, the dentist is able to examine only the visible surfaces of the teeth and soft tissues. X-rays allow the dentist to detect the location and extent of carious lesions that are developing in between the teeth. The radiographs (x-rays)are taken at the preventative exams to allow us to diagnose small lesions and treat them before they become larger, where they can lead to pain, swelling and infection. Additionally, x-rays allow the dentist to examine not only the teeth but the bones of the jaw and face known as the mandible and maxilla, for any unusual growths or abnormalities.

The amount of radiation (mrem) that a patient receives during dental x-rays is very small when compared to other sources of radiation in everyday life. At this office we use digital x-rays,which delivers the lowest amount of radiation,that is needed to diagnose.