Sometime around 6 months of age, your baby’s first tooth will appear, typically in the front center of the lower jaw. This eruption of primary teeth (baby teeth) is called teething.


Minor discomfort is associated with teething, and some of the symptoms you will see include grouchiness or fussiness, sore or inflamed gums, excessive drooling, loss of appetite, a change in eating habits or difficulty in sleeping. These should not cause alarm and are to be expected.

Other Problems

However, if your baby experiences other problems during the teething process such as rash, fever or vomiting, something else may be wrong. Consult with your doctor in those cases, and do not make the assumption it is due to teething.

Teething Discomfort

Babies may get sore or tender gums when their teeth cut their gums. Gently rubbing your child’s gums with a clean finger, a small, cool spoon or a wet gauze pad can soothe them. A clean teething ring may also help.